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The Municipality of Mossel Bay renders a range of traditional municipal services in an area covering 2007 square kilometres.

The area includes rural and residential areas such as Boggomsbaai, Brandwag, Buisplaas, D'Almeida, Dana Bay, Friemersheim, Fraaiuitsig, Great Brak River, Joe Slovo Village, KwaNonqaba, Little Brak River, Fraaiuitsig, Glentana, Hartenbos, Herbertsdale, Hersham, Mossel Bay, Outeniqua Beach, Reebok, Tergniet, Ruiterbos, Southern Cross and Vleesbaai.

The current main services rendered by the Municipality are:


Electricity is purchased from Eskom at six intake substations with a notified maximum demand of 77,5MVA and is distributed under a NERSA licence at voltages ranging from 230V to 66000V to various industrial, commercial and domestic customers. The peak maximum demand at this stage is 65,6MVA and there is spare capacity of 11,9MVA for future growth.

In 2015/2016 electricity was supplied to 32 167 formal households, compared to 29 971 formal households the previous year.

A total of 302 105 131 units (kWh) of electricity was purchased from Eskom in 2015/2016 at a cost of R237 958 364,65  compared to 293 410 192 units in 2014/2015. The distribution losses for 2015/16 was 8.54%. Free basic supply increased to 9 902 253 units (kWh) at a cost of R11 869 187,48 in 2015/2016 compared to 8 662 689 units (kWh) at a cost of R9 237 503,95 in 2013/2014. A total of 760 formal and informal houses were connected to the network compared to 526 in 2014/2015. These projects involved the construction of 10,6kms of overhead lines, the laying of 2,1kms of underground cable.


Electrical complaints can be reported on telephone 044-606 5083, Ms Melany Petersen

and all prepaid queries be directed to Ms Pat Sambokwe on telephone 044-606 5086,.






The water services infrastructure consists of various raw water sources including the Wolwedans Dam, Klipheuwel Dam & Ernest Robertson Dam as well as boreholes.  Raw water pipelines convey the untreated water to a total of seven water purification plants situated throughout the municipal area.  From the various water purification plants, as well as a desalination plant, the treated water is pumped via 30 pump stations into 55 reservoirs.


The total design capacity for the seven water purification plants, as well as the desalination plant, is 72.3 Mℓ per day.  The average daily volume of water purified, during the 2015/2016 financial is 20.64 Mℓ per day.  The water usage increased to 27.12 Mℓ per day during December 2015.  This means that there is between 45.18 and 51.66 Mℓ per day spare capacity available.


Water & Sewer complaints can be reported at Ms Maryna Noëth

on telephone 044-606 5262 or alternatively Ms Whitney Fredericks, 044-606 5282.






From the consumer’s sewage is conveyed through approximately 510 km gravity sewer pipelines to 73 sewer pump stations situated throughout the municipal area.  From the pump stations the sewage is pumped through approximately 40 km of rising main pipelines to a total of seven wastewater treatment plants situated throughout the municipal area.  The total design capacity for the seven wastewater treatment plants is 22.54 Mℓ per day.  The current combined average daily inflow for the seven wastewater treatment plants is 10.72 Mℓ per day.



Water& Sewer complaints can be reported at Ms Maryna Noëth on telephone 044-606 5262 or alternatively Ms Whitney Fredericks, 044-606 5282.

Waste Management Services

The Mossel Bay Municipality provides cleansing services, mainly in the form of refuse removal, as well as environmental health services in addition to those provided by the Eden District Municipality. A refuse removal service is provided to all residential areas and there are no backlogs. Waste tonnage decreased from 25 092 tonnes in 2012/2013 to 23 953 tonnes in 2012/2011. Recyclable waste tonnage increased from 2 120 tonnes to 1 864 tonnes over the same period.


Fire and Disaster Management Services

The Municipality owns and operates a fire and disaster management service which provides firefighting, fire prevention and road and other rescue services. Its community safety service provides a range of law enforcement and community protection services.



The Municipality is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of urban road networks.

The Municipality has a network of 432,9 km of paved and concrete roads and 36,9 km of gravel roads under its control. A distance of 2,5 kilometres of gravel roads was tarred in 2012/2013. The national and main regional roads fall under the relevant authorities, and the Eden District Municipality is responsible for rural public roads within the Municipal area.


Human Settlement

The Municipality seeks to address the housing needs of low-income groups and middle-income groups who do not have access to the commercial bond market. In this regard it acts as an agent for the Department of Human Settlements. This involves the identification of potential beneficiaries, identification and securing of suitable land for housing development, the sourcing of funding and project management. At the end of January 2017 there was a list of 9703 families waiting for housing opportunities. For the past 2 years the data on the Database is verified in collaboration with the Department of Human Settlements and the names of deceased people, duplications and people who already benefitted from subsidies in the past, are removed.



There are eleven libraries, including a mobile library, in the Mossel Bay municipal area. They are managed on an agency basis for the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and play a major role in the education of the community. The membership of libraries increased to 23 310 at the end of June 2013 from 22 495 at 30 June 2012. A total of 533 703 books, periodicals, CD’s and DVD’s circulated in the financial year 2012/13 compared to 541 628 in the 2011/12 financial year.


Urban Development and Control

In addition to doing its own spatial development planning and exercising control over development and building activities, an information service is provided to property owners and developers. The Total Number of Plans Approved 2371, Estimated Costs R1299 996 700 and Total square meter 202004 for the period of January 2016 - December 2016.


Motor Vehicle Registration and Driving License Services


The Municipality provides Motor Vehicle Registration and Driving Licence services in its area of jurisdiction on an agency basis for the Western Cape Provincial Administration.  Services are rendered from Monday to Friday from 08h00 untill 15h00.  Transaction in respect of the abovementioned require proof of identification in the form of the SA ID, Passport, Traffic Registration Certificate and proof of residential address on all transactions as required in terms of FICA.  The following is accepted as verification documents in respect of proof of address, providing not to be older than 3 months namely:  Utility account (Water, Electricity or Refuse removal), telephone account, retail store statement of account or a bank/financial statement.  Proof may also be provided in the form of a  lease agreement (signed by both parties), an official tax return/tax assessment or valid television licence document, provided that it is not older than 1 year.


For any equiries to the abovementioned or in respect of the services being rendered, the different offices can be contacted at the following telephone numbers, namely, Motor Vehicle Registration : 044 606 6304 or Driving Licence Services : 044 606 6342.